An Indoor Farm Experience

Hello friends this is Ethan “GIO” Barela coming at you with an incredible new site where I will share my love of gaming, nature, travel, and farming with you.

In today’s blog you get a view into my Indoor Hydroponic Tomato Farm!  SWEET!  An Indoor Farm is a challenge and a joy for those that love to grow fresh vegetables.  These picture are of Beef Steak and Roma Tomato plants growing in my indoor hydroponic garden.  From seed to sprout, 7 days!  Sprouted on July 28th.  Crazy quick and the smell, well, “e bel odorato di pomodori”  Italian for the beautiful smell of tomatoes.  Had to look that up but thought you might enjoy the visual as we will make an incredible pasta sauce out of these Roma ‘maters when the time comes!!!!  Now if you’re a young guy like me you may want to ask your old people for permission before you start planting stuff in the house.  In my case, my old man, @ernestbarela1, is a huge lover of nature so as long as I let him get his hands dirty all is cool.  So back to this site!

On my site I will share pictures of my experiences and provide you with tips and instructions on how to create your own indoor garden.  Below are a few pics and my next blog post will share a bit more info in case you want to grow along with GIO!  Oh, and of course, the super important part of this site will revolve around my Gaming Life! Man I love my games!  I will share tips, videos, blogs, and there is all sorts of awesome stuff to come.  Look forward to sharing and becoming friends.  Caio for now Gio!